Increasing Fish Production & Consumption

9 December 2011, at 12:00am

UGANDA - Increasing Fish Production and Consumption in Uganda is the theme of the fifth annual fish farmers' symposium and trade fair in Kampala. The main objective of the symposium is to share the experiences and results of farmers who have adopted Best Management Practices and the challenges associated with their application on-farm.

Discussions will also include marketing notably working on building up volumes for sale and improving local consumption of farmed fish within Uganda.

Participants to the symposium will include farmers, government officials, guests from NGO’s, farmers, input suppliers and manufacturers, researchers and trainers from Uganda and the East African region. Other guests are also expected from some European countries.

Participants need to make their own way to and from Uganda.

WAFICOS Members: Ugshs.10, 000
Non-members: Ugshs. 20,000
Exhibition stalls: Ugshs. 100,000
Optional: Field Tour-Ugshs. 20,000

Contact: WAFICOS offices next to FAO, Buganda Rd
Tel: +256 (0) 312-265896/+256 (0) 774-955878