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Implementation of National Sustainable Aquaculture Development

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PARAGUAY - The Government, through the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG), is promoting state policies related to the agricultural sector to develop the National Plan for the Development of Sustainable Aquaculture Paraguay.

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As a result of the cooperation of FAO, the National Development Plan for Sustainable Aquaculture Paraguay, consists of the following products: Country Diagnostic Aquaculture, Aquaculture Policy, Strategies and Zoning National Aquaculture.

The overall objective of the National Policy of aquaculture, is to develop aquaculture using the natural resources in a sustainable manner and to improve the quality of life of Paraguayan society.

In this context and according to the information collected during the diagnostic sector, there are more than 2,600 fish farmers of which 98 per cent are micro producers with less than 0.01 ha pond. These producers are producing mainly for their own food security, with only a small ammount going to market.

While two per cent of producers have exclusive commercial orientation and their farms total more than 50 ha.

The National Plan for the Development of Sustainable Aquaculture Paraguay, after its diagnosis stage, is now in its implementation phase in the project "Implementation of the National Sustainable Aquaculture Development in Paraguay".

This project focuses on improving economic productivity and increasing competitiveness of producers, as well as facilitating access to production inputs such as feed and seed fry. The project aims to increase the consumption of farmed fish in the country and the creation of technical skills in aquaculture through agreements and strategic alliances with Binational Entities, public-private dealings MAG System, as well as universities.

Among the activities to be undertaken within the framework of the project "Implementation of the National Sustainable Aquaculture Development in Paraguay" will be a series of activities that aim to raise awareness of the benefits of products from aquaculture.

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