How ethics can impact on the UK's shopping habits

UK - Confirmation that consumers are showing an increasing interest not only in food quality and where it comes from, but also in standards of production comes in a report this week. </b> <br><br> In Ethical Consumerism in the UK, Tony Fowler, senior economist with the Meat and Livestock Commission, says: &quot;Fair trade, organic, free-range or cruelty-free are the most widely understood terms, but defining ethical production is a complex issue.&quot; <br><br> Using recent research from the Institute of Grocery Distribution, Fowler went on: &quot;There is a surprisingly high proportion of consumers, 52 per cent, who say their buying patterns are determined by perceptions of what is ethical.&quot; <br><br> Unfortunately for farmers, opinions expressed for market surveys do not always match the reality of supermarket check-out tills. <br><br> <i>Source: The Scotsman</i>

the Fish Site Editor

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