Governments told to improve farmed fish health standards

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
24 November 2006, at 12:00am

EU - Improved standards on farmed fish health and aquaculture disease control have been approved by the EU Council of Ministers.

A directive lays down common high standards on monitoring and controlling pathogens and is the first comprehensive EU measure controlling this growing food industry.

It does not prescribe strategies for national governments or local and regional administrations. However, it insists that national control and eradication plans for aquatic diseases are drafted, alongside contingency plans for outbreaks.

The directive allows the European Fisheries Fund to subsidise the fight against aquaculture disease, with money going to both governments and fish farms. It would aid compulsory disease eradication measures, from culling stock to movement bans, as well as long-term programmes to eliminate less threatening diseases.

Markos Kyprianou, EU health commissioner, said: ‘The newlegislation will help to shape the future of Europe’s aquaculture sector. It will also ensure that consumers can remain confident in the safety and wholesomeness of seafood farmed in the EU.’

Source: CIEH