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Government Promote Cage Net Fish Farming

UGANDA - Fish, beans and groundnuts form a very large part of the Ugandan diets and fish. is becoming one of the main sources of protein for the country's population.

As a result aquaculture has grown tremendously in recent years, says a report on information site All Africa. For inland communities and those living away from large lakes, fish farming is a low-cost alternative. A fish pond can be located in the village and supply tilapia to the locals.

To promote fish farming, the Fisheries Department in Entebbe has introduced fish cage nets. The nets are hung on a steel frame in a lake, pond, stream or river. Young fry (junior fish) are put in the net. Because the net mesh is small, less than half an inch, the fry cannot get out. Natural feed flows into the net, so less food has to be fed to the fish, than in a fish pond.

But the biggest advantage is the natural aeration of the water. In many fish ponds, the water quality is bad for fish health.

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