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Good Aquaculture Practice Needed For Safe Fisheries Export

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BANGLADESH - Fisheries and Livestock Minister Abdul Latif Biswas yesterday said that good aquaculture practice and improvement of quality control expertise are required for ensuring safe fisheries production of the country.

"There is no alternative to introducing sustainable technology for the farmers through good aquaculture practice under the framework of international food safety rules for safe fisheries production", the Minister told the New National at a seminar on 'Fisheries Activities and Achievements'.

Strengthening of Fish Inspection and Quality Control (SFIQC) project under the Department of Fisheries (DOF) with the assistance of Bangladesh Quality Support Programme (BQSP) - Fisheries of United Nations Industrial Development Organisation

(UNIDO) organized the seminar.

The fisheries minister said while the country's shrimp sector has suffered adverse situation due to natural calamity and export was banned by the European Union (EU) for eight months during the last year, the country's export earning from the seafood sector was Taka 3243.405 crore in 2009.

Considering the seafood industry as the second largest export industry after garments, Latif Biswas said the present government has taken various steps under the SFIQC project of DoF and BQSP- fisheries component of EU-UNIDO. The Project has been taken in order to meet international standard and market requirements from harvesting to final products with the financial and technical assistance of the EU, the minister added.

Already more than 25,000 people including the shrimp farmers, depot-owners and concerned workers of different shrimp processing factories have received training on Good Aquaculture Practice (GAP), Good Hygiene Practice (GHP) and Good anufacture Practice (GMP) under the project, he mentioned.