Global Warming Puts Rare Fish in Danger

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
31 March 2008, at 1:00am

JAPAN - Global warming and cross-border pollution have been blamed for killing fish in Lake Biwa, Japan.

The fish, chaenogobius isaza, or isaza in Japanese, a goby species live in schools in the depths of the lake.

According to DailyYomiuriOnline, in December, an underwater camera installed in an unmanned submersible belonging to the Lake Biwa Environmental Research Institute captured images of many dead fish on the bottom of the 90-meter-deep lake.

Institute Researcher Toshiyuki Ishikawa and his colleagues examined the images and counted more than 1,800 dead isaza. It was the first time a die-off of this kind had been discovered since the institute started observing the bottom of the lake about seven years ago.