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Are you trying to break into aquaculture industry or already working in the field and looking to gain additional expertise for career development?

FRDC Indigenous Development Scholarship Open for Applicants

29 November 2012, at 12:00am

AUSTRALIA - An annual scholarship is offered by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) to an indigenous person who seeks to help shape the social and economic n annual scholarship through a scholarship host organisation to an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander who seeks to help shape the social and economic future of their community and/or region through engagement with the fishing industry

The FRDC Indigenous Development Scholarship provides a unique opportunity for an individual to undertake a personalised and supported program to further develop the skills, knowledge and networks to be effective business, industry or community leaders within the fishing industry.

The scholarship winner will undertake a program of development that may include mentoring, coaching, study or training, work placements, visits with Indigenous development organisations, State/Commonwealth fisheries management organisations, government departments, or commercial fishing /aquaculture businesses. Winners of the 2012 FRDC Indigenous Development Scholarship will receive up to A$10,000 through a host organisation.

Host organisations

A scholarship host organisation will be an active partner, and the application is to be submitted jointly by the host organisation and applicant. The host organisation must demonstrate the capacity to manage the scholarship and support an identified individual to undertake a program of activities on behalf of the FRDC.

Aligning the scholarship with a host organisation maximises opportunities for professional development, and achievement of personal and industry goals. Host organisations will benefit through the identification, development and retention of individuals who demonstrate capacity for making a difference; through exposure to new ideas and through strengthening organisational management, coaching and communication skills.

Scholarship program

The scholarship will involve a program of personalised development activities that will improve the scholarship holders ability to contribute as a leader in their chosen field. Activities are not prescribed, and applicants will work with their host organisation and mentor to develop a personalised program of activities. Activities may take the form of a project that addresses a sector need while developing the individuals personal and professional capabilities. The scholarship will be for a period not exceeding two years.


A mentor will be identified prior to submitting the application. Mentors may be internal or external to the host organisation, and a mentoring relationship will be negotiated and formalised. Mentoring is a planned pairing of a more experienced person with a lesser skilled individual for the purpose of achieving mutually agreed on outcomes. It is a partnership in which both individuals share in a growth process and the personal development of one another. A mentor may provide business advice, coaching, introductions to people, feedback or other type of support.


Applications will close 7 December 2012. A selection panel will select the winner based on the information provided in the application. All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by end of December 2012.

For further information contact Jo-Anne Ruscoe jo-anne.ruscoe@frdc.com.au or telephone (02) 6285 0400.

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