Forget toxin study - fish are safe and nutritious, experts say

GLOBAL - The farm-raised fish sold at local markets come from waters around the world: There&#39;s salmon from Norway and Canada, char from Iceland, tilapia from Brazil and Costa Rica, shrimp from Thailand and catfish from Alabama and the Carolinas. </b> <br><br>Despite concerns raised about its healthfulness in recent years, Ann Arbor consumers are buying it. <br><br> &quot;Probably the first reason why people buy farm-raised salmon is that it&#39;s less expensive&#39;&#39; than wild salmon, said Mike Monahan of Monahan&#39;s Seafood Market in Kerrytown, which specializes in wild fish but also sells fish that&#39;s farm-raised. Also, unlike wild salmon, farmed salmon is available year-round. And some of Monahan&#39;s customers prefer the taste. <br><br> &quot;Some people prefer the fattier fish,&#39;&#39; he said. &quot;It&#39;s marbled, and some people like that richness.&#39;&#39; <br><br> <i>Source: MLive</I>

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