Food science program has international flavour

COLUMBIA - Colombia may be known as the world&#39;s top producer of cocaine but Claudia Escandon has other plans for her beloved homeland. </b> <br><br> One of 45 students enrolled in a brand new program for internationally trained agrologists (scientists of food production), Escandon wants to build bridges between Canada and Colombia. <br><br> &quot;I think the farmer from Ontario can be connected to the farmer from Colombia,&quot; the former Bogota-based food marketer said yesterday, following opening ceremonies for the international agrologist training program at the Ontario Institute of Agrologists. <br><br> With the help of a $1.13-million grant from the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, Escandon and her classmates will get industry-specific language training, an articling period and mentoring. <br><br> <i>Source: Hamilton Spectator</i>

the Fish Site Editor

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