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Fishermen Respond to Quota Management Review

UK - The Scottish fishing industry is to examine closely new proposals to change the management of the fish quota.

The Scottish government has laid down fresh plans to alter the way the quota is distributed among the country's fishermen.

Responding to the announcement by Fisheries Secretary Richard Lochhead of the Scottish Government's intended changes to the management of fish quota in Scotland, Bertie Armstrong, Chief Executive of the Scottish Fishermen's Federation said:"Quota is the blood in the veins of the fishing industry so any changes to its management will get our full attention. The debate you normally hear - particularly at the end of each year - is about the setting of the overall size of quota for the United Kingdom.

“This is different and is about the way that quota is administered in Scotland. We don't know all the details yet - we will have to read the paper launched today, but over the twelve weeks of the consultation we will look most carefully at two main issues: firstly what changes are to be made to distribution of quota - given that the quota ‘cake’ is a set size any change will unavoidably have winners and losers; secondly will the new system continue to meet the requirements of the industry to freely and flexibly access quota?"