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Fisheries Sector Makes Great Achievements

VIET NAM - In 2007, exports of aquatic products has achieved high growth rate despite great difficulties and challenges.

Aquatic products processing businesses have been active in expanding new markets along with efforts to maintain traditional markets. The achievements have been quite remarkable. Total fisheries output is estimated at 3,950,000 tonnes with an export turnover of some US $3.8 billion. Vietnam has been listed in the world top ten fisheries exporters. Vietnamese aquatic products have been exported to 128 countries and territories.

Great achievements

In 2007, local fishermen have made great efforts to increase their fish catching productivity and efficiency. Six projects have also been carried out by the fisheries sector to ensure sustainable development such as applying sustainable raising techniques, stocking shrimp fries and fish to natural water areas for developing aquatic resources.

Aquaculture on the sea for the purpose of commercialisation continues to expand in coastal provinces, up 15,600 hectares compared to the previous year, bringing the total area under aquaculture in the country to over 1 million hectares. Farmers in localities in the Red River Delta and even Hanoi’s suburban districts have turned part of their areas under wet rice to aquaculture.

This year, many enterprises have invested in large-scale fisheries breeding areas such as CP, Grobest and Minh Phu, providing 4-5 billion shrimp fries each a year.

Source: NhanDan