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Fish food the key to lower fat in pork and poultry

AUSTRALIA - Scientists have found a way to reduce the amount of fat - which can lead to heart disease - by feeding fish meal to pigs in order to produce pork rich in omega-3.

While fish is the primary source of omega-3 fatty acids, known to break down triglycerides and reduce fat levels in the blood, University of South Australia research Alison Coates said people could now benefit from eating enriched pork instead. "Not everyone can afford to take fish oil or wants to eat fish," Dr Coates said.

The study, in conjunction with Bartlett Grain and Australian Pork, found that enriching pig feed with fish meal also lowered the amount of fat in pork. The project leader and director of the university's Nutritional Physiology Research Centre, Peter Howe, has been studying alternative food sources of omega-3.

"While public awareness of the potential health benefits of omega-3 has rapidly increased, there is still a poor understanding of how much and what sources of omega-3 are needed to deliver specific health benefits," Professor Howe said.

"Many people are aware that fish is the primary food source of omega-3 fatty acids, particularly DHA, but Australian fish have relatively low levels, so people wanting to increase their omega-3 intake tend to supplement their diet with fish oil."

Source: The Australian