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'Fish Farming Will Not End Shortage'

UGANDA - The Uganda Fish Processors and Exporters Association (UFPEA) have expressed doubt on the possibility of fish farming solving the present fish shortages the local markets are experiencing in the country.

UFPEA's executive director, Ms Ovia Katiti Matovu told East African Business Week recently that fish farming requires a lot of money to start and that it will call for many more people to take it up.

Matovu is also of the view that it will require some patience before sufficient supplies to satisfy both the local and the export markets is achieved.

She said the export market would also be elusive for aquaculture farmers because of the strictness of markets in the European Union (EU) on issues to do with sanitation, the types of feeds and the lack of power and cold facilities to ease marketability for the fish.

Matovu said that while government has been talking about the programme for years now, nothing much is on the ground to show its seriousness.


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