Fish farming company takes over catfish processor

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
10 June 2006, at 1:00am

NETHERLANDS - Fishion Processing has announced that it aims to take over Walraven Visverwerking BV., the largest Dutch Catfish processor. Fishion Processing is a Joint Venture between ZonAquafarming BV. and Anova Food BV. These two companies are the driving forces behind the farming of Tilapia in The Netherlands. The main aim of this alliance is to reduce the distance between producer and consumers. All products will be marketed by the Anova organisation ensuring the best and fastest service. Fishion is the trade name of a supply chain from feed supply, farmers and processors up to sales into the market. Partners in this alliance co-ordinate and produce up to the market requirements. Issues like quality assurance and feed control are monitored throughout the chain. By combining the processing of Tilapia and Catfish the efficiency in production will be optimised, Anova Food says in a statement. The fish is grown indoors in re-circulation systems, by local farmers. ZonAquafarming BV., with more than ten years of experience, is in charge of this whole process from breeding to harvesting. Source: Fish Farmer