Fish Farm Operators Incur Huge Losses Due To Flood

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by The Fish Site
27 December 2006, at 12:00am

MALAYSIA - Several fish farm operators here have incurred losses amounting to tens of thousands of ringgit due to the recent flood in Kuantan reports Bernama.

Among them is 68-year-old Abu Darus who bred red tilapia under the Kampung Pandan Freshwater Fish Pond Project.

He said water levels in his two ponds had risen very fast, making it difficult for him to do anything to prevent the fish from escaping.

"The actual loss has yet to be known but the sure thing is, it is worse than the previous year's.

"Last year, the area was also flooded but the loss was not that big because the water did not rise quickly. This time, many fish swam away because the water level rose suddenly.

"There are still fish in the ponds here but there are not many left," he told Bernama.

Abu said he was supposed to have 6,000 red tilapia during the harvest early next year.

When the flood struck, each fish in the pond was estimated to weigh 500gm and could be sold at RM4 per kg, he said.

When the area was flooded last year, he lost about RM4,000 per pond.

The Kampung Pandan Freshwater Fish Pond Project covers a 70ha area under a temporary occupational licence held by the villagers over the past 20 years.

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