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Female Participation Urged in Nigerian Aquaculture

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
23 March 2009, at 12:00am

NIGERIA - There has been a lot of efforts in recent times geared towards the empowerment of women in the agricultural sector. Women are responsible for half of the worlds food production in most developing countries.

However, women’s fundamental contribution is continually underappreciated and under supported, and is often adversely affected by prevailing economic policies and other development conditions, says TheTideOnline.

According to the Nigerian news organisation, there is a need to also consider increasing efforts in encouraging women to get involved in fish culture enterprises because of the benefits. Fish is the cheapest source of animal protein and it is available in different forms: Frozen, dried, smoked or fresh. The nutritional benefits from aquaculture and fish consumption need to be fully documented and promoted through education and health programmes, be it formal or informal, focusing on women in particular as key decision makers.

Fish has become a leading commodity with an export value of USD2.7 billion annually for Africa as a whole. Over 70 per cent of fish consumed in Nigeria is imported at a cost of about N25 billion as at 2005. Total aquaculture production in Nigeria is about 25,000 tons per annum (about 6 per cent) of domestic production.

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