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Expansion at Abalone Farm

Premier Fishing is to invest R40 million (Rand) to expand operations at its abalone aquaculture farm near Gansbaaito.

The investment is expected to push production to 300 tonnes.

Premier Fishing CEO Kevin Patel has said that with a 300 tonne capacity, Premier’s abalone farm can produce up to R17 million a year in profits.

The Abalone farm, which has been operational for 10 years, was one of the first Abalone farms in South Africa.

The farm is situated in the most southern port of the west coast of Southern Africa, near the fishing village of Gansbaai.

The site of Atlantic Fishing is ideally suited for the cultivation and growth of abalone - Haliotis midae, according to Premier.

The company said the farm is undergoing transformation and development in order to accommodate the abalone growth requirements, additional expansions and improvements by making use of modern aquaculture techniques.

"These techniques will enable us to minimise variable uncertainties and, in general, allow far more control," the company says.