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EU/ Norway Annual Consultations


EU/ NORWAY - At the recent EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council meetings, the Council held an exchange of views on the annual consultations between the EU and Norwayunder their bilateral fisheries agreement.

Most of the delegations recognise the interest of this agreement with Norway but would favour a cautious approach from the EU on the level of TACs and other associated measures for the main jointly-managed joint stocks in the North Sea. They would recommend also a cautious approach for other stocks that it might be interesting to identify and use for the reciprocal exchange of quotas.

The first round of consultations with Norway will take place from 17 to 19 November in Brussels.

The 1980 bilateral fisheries agreement between the EC and Norway covers joint stocks in the North Sea, some jointly-managed, others not. Annual TACs are set jointly by the EC and Norway for the jointly-managed joint stocks. There are joint long-term management plans for cod, haddock, herring and saithe and basic principles for a long-term management plan for plaice.

A ten-year agreement with Norway on mackerel was agreed in January 2010, including mutual access in the North Sea. This agreement is contingent on a satisfactory overall bilateral agreement. The reciprocal exchange of quotas needs to be in overall balance across the agreement.