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Editorial: The truth on GM is in the middle ground

GLOBAL - Food can polarise opinion more than most issues, but can we please have some balance and debate, rather than mudslinging and crop burning to get to the truth?

Some GM rice has entered the food chain, BASF is starting field test of blight-resistant potatoes in the UK, some GM crops form poisons in your stomach, oh no they don't. Oh, save us all!

Ask anyone about GM food and you get a polarised answer. People are for or against. A colleague tells me he is against it. He doesn't quite know why, but he feels he should be against it. Another tells me he is for it.

Big credit should go to the public relations department of either side, for producing such extremes of opinion, but are we being told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? The difference of opinion suggests not.

Source: Food Production Daily