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ECOCEANOS: Chile Govt must investigate latest salmon scare

CHILE - Environmental NGO Ecoceanos this week demanded that Chiles government take action in the wake of a recent report that Taiwanese health authorities detected a banned substance in salmon imported from Chile.

Last weekend, an online news source called the China Post reported that a 523-kilogram shipment of Chilean salmon was found to contain Malachite Green, a potentially carcinogenic chemical that is prohibited in numerous countries, including Chile and Taiwan (ST, Sept 26). Malachite Green was outlawed in Chile in 2005, but had been used previously for many years as an anti-fungal drug.

The tainted salmon arrived in Taiwan on Sept. 14 and was imported by a local branch of the Costco retail chain, said the China Post. The salmon remains stuck in customs.

The Malachite Green discovery has received little attention in Chile. All the more reason, says Ecoceanos, why Chilean authorities must investigate the matter to determine where the salmon was raised and which of the nation’s salmon companies used the banned substance.

Source: SantiagoTimes