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DSM Dyneema Expands Collaborations

NETHERLANDS - Partners will explore opportunities to assist South Americas fish farming industry with improved netting solutions DSM Dyneema and Badinotti Group, a manufacturer of netting for commercial fishing, have expanded their collaboration to develop and deliver enhanced netting technologies using Dyneema.

The two companies aim to provide new netting solutions that can meet the challenges of today's industries and end users.

One area of focus will be reducing fish escapes in South America’s fish farming industry. Ultra-strong Dyneema® fiber, which has been used successfully in a variety of net applications, offers a higher strength-to-weight ratio, lower maintenance, and longer service life than conventional synthetics.

As part of this closer relationship, Badinotti will become an official licensee of DSM Dyneema’s new Commercial Marine Licensing programme.

Badinotti will use the Dyneema® ingredient brand on its products and participate in joint marketing and business development efforts with DSM Dyneema.

"Badinotti was one of the first companies to introduce nets made with Dyneema® fiber in 1996, and since that time our relationship with DSM Dyneema has become stronger," said Alfonso Rizo Patron, CEO, Badinotti Group.

"By intensifying our joint programme of development, we intend to create netting to meet the challenges of today’s end users. We look forward to leveraging our combined expertise to help customers increase their yields through stronger, safer, and more cost-effective nets."

DSM Dyneema has also announced the first commercial success of its collaboration with the Dutch company Micanti.

DSM Dyneema and Micanti are engaged in the development of strong and tough aquaculture nets with a new, revolutionary non-toxic antifouling treatment.

The combination of the new developed non-toxic Thorn-D® antifouling, from Micanti, with durable Dyneema® fibres, provides long-term, non-toxic resistance to fouling and avoids most environmental and fish-health issues, the companies say.