Doubt returns over fish farm jobs

by 5m Editor
15 August 2007, at 1:00am

STORNOWAY - The future of the former Fjord Seafood company in Stornoway has been thrown into doubt.

Concerns over jobs have dogged the merger process

It follows a decision by owners Marine Harvest to amalgamate the operation with Pan Fish Scotland and sell the combined company.

This overrides a previous decision to make the Stornoway operation a stand-alone company.

Fjord Seafood, which supports more than 100 fish farming jobs, has been rebranded Outer Hebrides Seafood.

Marine Harvest was told by the Competition Commission that it had to sell Pan Fish Scotland to be allowed the three-way merger with Pan Fish and Fjord Seafood worldwide.

It announced two months ago that Fjord's operation in Stornoway would be rebranded Outer Hebrides Seafood.

However, it has now decided to transfer Outer Hebrides Seafood and some former Marine Harvest sites into Pan Fish Scotland, before selling it.

Source: BBCnews

5m Editor