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Doubles shelf life at zero degrees

NORWAY - Recent research shows that it is possible to double the shelf life of fresh fish by lowering the temperature in the cold counters. The result can be improved profitability for the shops and better selections for the customers.

A new report from Fiskeriforskning shows that it is actually possible to double the shelf life of fish by lowering the temperature down towards zero degrees. Today, the authorities' requirement is that foods shall be stored at four degrees above zero.

From one to two weeks shelf life
The scientists have studied the shelf life of the tray-packaged fresh cod and salmon fillets that are rapidly making their way into Norwegian shops, and the results are clear.

"If you reduce the temperature in the cold counter to zero degrees, you can increase the shelf life of fish from one to two weeks when the raw materials are completely fresh to start with", says Senior Scientist Margrethe Esaiassen at Fiskeriforskning.

On the other hand, a cold counter that maintains a temperature of seven degrees reduces the shelf life to only five days.

"It has not generally been known how much quality loss a small increase in temperature can actually cause with fish from our cold, Northern waters", says Esaiassen.

Source: Fiskeriforskning