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Demand For Mussels Booms

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SCOTLAND, UK - Scottish rope-grown mussels are at prime quality at this time of year and the Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group is predicting buoyant demand over the next few months as consumers increasingly recognise their versatility in the kitchen.

Mussel sales have soared in recent years, and according to Stephen Cameron, managing director of Scottish Shellfish, a significant part of this increase can be put down to consumers becoming more adventurous in preparing meals at home.

“Mussels are incredibly versatile in the kitchen and are easy to cook, which appeals to many consumers,” he says. “We are convinced that a major reason for this increase in demand is down to consumers in recent years becoming much more interested in fresh food and its provenance.

“Mussels are also very healthy to eat as they are low in calories and fat and are an excellent source of protein, essential vitamins and Omega-3 oils.”

This time of year is traditionally recognised as when mussels reach their prime, with the shells being full of succulent, sweet tasting meat.

Cameron says the strong environmental credentials of rope-grown mussels are another reason for the growing appeal amongst consumers for rope-grown mussels.

“Our rope-grown mussels are sustainably farmed with minimal environmental impact,” he says. “The mussels are essentially left to their own devices to feed on natural plankton in the rich tidal flows of the West coast of Scotland and Shetland.”

Earlier this year, rope-grown mussels from Scottish Shellfish became the first farmed seafood in the UK to achieve the prestigious Friend of the Sea (FoS) certification providing independent confirmation of the sustainability of its aquaculture operations.