`Consult shrimp breeders'

BRUNEI - Shrimp breeders want a say in the policies the Government is drawing up to ensure that the aquaculture sector develops and becomes competitive in the export market.</b> <br><br> Nasrul Hakim Othman who runs SKota Sdn Bhd, which has exported shrimp since the early 1990s, said the sector would achieve the revenue target of $200 million by 2023 as envisioned by the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources, if local breeders are consulted for policymaking. <br><br> ``There is a need for relevant government agencies to support local entrepreneurs who are still facing various problems in expanding their business to the international market,'' said Nasrul. <br><br> These problems include strict loan regulations imposed on breeders and local marketing barriers. ``I've applied for a loan and a year has passed but it is yet to be approved,'' he said. ``I have also tried to apply for a trader's license to sell my produce at the Gadong market but all efforts proved futile,'' he said. <br><br> <i>Source: Brunei Times</i>

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