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Company plans hatchery

FIJI - The world's biggest producer of tropical baby sea cucumber (dairo) currently has its management in Suva seeking a possible site close to Suva for the building of a multi-purpose spawning hatchery, reports the Fiji Times.

From this central site stock can be sent all over Fiji for fattening and grow out. The company, Bluefin Seafoods of Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia, produces 600,000 small dairo yearly for placement and grow out in coastal mudflat/ sea grass areas and lagoons.

The proposed scheme is strongly supported by the Fisheries Department and the Fiji Trades and Investment Board.

Because of over fishing and lack of size regulations, the fishery and supply of seafood has depleted right through the Pacific region and the company saw the need four years ago to build their own hatchery.

This has grown quickly to produce up to 600,000 dairo annually as well as large commercial quantities of crablets (up to 700,000) and other seafood. This year the company is expanding to produce tropical abalone and fish fingerlings for restocking Pacific waters in farming projects.

For the full story Fiji Times.