Cod Farming Taking Off

by 5m Editor
12 April 2006, at 1:00am

NORWAY - Norway has been experimenting with codfish farming since the 1980&#39;s, and now they&#39;re pulling out all stops. <em>Intrafish</em> reports that last year, farmed cod production in Norway topped 13 million pounds, a figure that is projected to double this year. In its move to become the world&#39;s farmed cod king, producers are gathering capital to expand quickly. Grieg Company of Bergen last week generated $26 million in a first initial public stock offering (IPO) to back cod farming, Intrafish said. Scotland is also experimenting with large scale organic cod farming. <em>Source: Laine Welch - SiteNews Laine Welch has been covering news of Alaska&#39;s seafood industry since 1988. Her Fish Factor column appears weekly in over a dozen papers and websites. Her Fish Radio programs air on 27 stations across Alaska.</em>

5m Editor