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Cod enzyme kills H5N1 virus

ICELAND - An Icelandic cod enzyme might be the cure for bird flu, a recent experiment, which the Icelandic company Ensmtaekni hf. took part in, indicates. In five minutes, the isolated fish enzyme killed 99 percent of H5N1 viruses.

The killer enzyme, called penzim, was extracted from the intestines of cod by Ensmtaekni and is currently being developed for beauty products and various types of medicine. The experiment on the H5N1 virus was conducted in London. Frttabladid reports.

CEO of Ensmtaekni and biochemist Jn Bragi Bjarnason said he is very excited about the results of the bird flu experiment.

People have feared that the bird flu virus will change into a human flu virus and now we have a likely cure in case that happens, Bjarnason told Frttabladid.

Bjarnason also believes that penzim might prove a cure for common flu and cold, eczema in children and arthritis.

Source: Iceland Review