Cleanfish, hooking finicky gourmands

by 5m Editor
2 June 2006, at 1:00am

SAN FRANSISCO - As a consultant to Oakland-based Niman Ranch and adviser to some of its executives and board members, Tim O&#39;Shea had a front-row seat as founder Bill Niman built a $100 million business selling premium natural beef. Now O&#39;Shea is on his way to reeling in some success of his own, applying Niman Ranch&#39;s branding strategy to the world of fish. Just as Niman Ranch capitalized on consumer concerns about Mad Cow Disease, livestock hormones and animal cruelty, O&#39;Shea&#39;s firm CleanFish swims in a market upset over mercury poisoning, overfishing and the environmental effects of fish farms. And just as consumers have proven willing to pay more for beef that&#39;s a cut above, they can also be baited with better quality haddock and bass. <i>Source: San Francisco Business Times</i>

5m Editor