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Changes to Southern, Eastern Scalefish and Shark Fishery

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AUSTRALIA - There have been changes to minimum gear requirements in the SESSF that will be implemented through a new Direction.

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The changes, made through the SESSF (Minimum Gear Requirements) No 1 2012. revokes and replaces the SESSF (Minimum Gear Requirements) Direction 2010.

The Direction is the same as the previous Direction except for gillnets. Now the total headrope length of gillnet, or, if more than one net is used, the total combined headrope length of gillnet that may be deployed from a boat at any one time (that is, that may be in the water at any one time) must not exceed 6,000 metres.

However, the increase in headrope length will not apply for operations in:

  • waters adjacent to South Australia
  • Tasmanian Coastal waters.

The Direction will commence on (and including) the 9 July 2012.