Caviar Creator Achives World First for Organic Quality

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
25 April 2007, at 1:00am

EU - Today the "European Seafood Exposition" will begin in Brussels, where Caviar Creator will bring a world innovation to the food market: Caviar and sturgeon meat of certified organic quality.

Caviar Creator's European enterprise is the first and only producer of sturgeon caviar "ossetra - malossol" and sturgeon meat to achieve organic certification worldwide! The company operates the world's largest closed-circuit aquaculture plant for sturgeon breeding and caviar cultivation and has now been approved and certified to produce organic grade products. The company based in Demmin, Germany, took over the plant in 2004 and has developed the 20,000. sqm. The premises has three buildings housing: a Sturgeon farm and fattening pools, a slaughter and caviar harvesting facility and a feeding house.

CAVIAR CREATOR raises and processes Siberian Sturgeon “Acipenser baeril”. It also has some Belugas and Albino Sturgeon stock.

Under the standards its fish and caviar production systems are strictly managed according to ecological principles. The use of hormones, genetic manipulation, taste enhancers or chemical additives, either in feed or in water is not permitted.

Water processing is a vital part of the business. The water is cleaned mechanically with lamella and sieve drum filters and then undergoes biological filtering (denitrification) using bio film reactors containing micro organisms. The water is degassed and thoroughly swirled twice every hour. The pH balance is continuously measured and controlled, as well as the temperature and the oxygen content. Water levels in the pools and the pumps are constantly observed using an on-line monitoring system. The entire process must also meet organic certification standards.

Caviar Creator achieved its organic certification by the German agency oekovm,which works across the food chain to help producers achieve organic status, promote thier products and link with the market. All certified members must meet the European union standards regulation for organic production (EEC No. 2092/91).

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