Canadian Salmon Pilot Project Approved

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
6 April 2006, at 1:00am

CANADA - After some debate about one of the qualifying comments in the motion, the regional district board resolved recently to support the development of a commercial-scale closed containment demonstration project for salmon production. Directors took that approach to determine the project's economic and environmental viability. While the first 'whereas' included in the motion, which outlines the importance the RDCS puts on wild salmon resources and the marine ecosystem, was not questioned, some directors were concerned with a second qualifier that stated "the possible negative impacts of salmon farming on the salmon resource and marine ecosystem." Some directors thought that implied too much of a negative connotation on the project. Instead of seeing the motion defeated, mover and seconder amended the motion to remove the phrase. They also approved a resolution of support for the work of the provincial Special Committee on Sustainable Aquaculture. Instead of implementing regulations at this time, the board directed staff to monitor the number of large house or monster home building permit applications, and to monitor public feedback during rezoning processes. Those records will be used to determine if changes should be made to zoning bylaws in the future. Source: Comox Valley Record