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Canadian Farmed Fish have Lower Mercury Levels

CANADA - A new study out today has concluded that Canadian farmed salmon contains less mercury than wild salmon caught in nearby waters, reports the seattlepi.

Published in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, the study actually finds that wild fish has three times the amount of mercury. Levels in farmed and wild fish were below those that trigger health warnings.

Other findings, from a press release on the salmon study proclaimed:

  • Compared to other foodstuffs, total mercury was found to be slightly higher in wild or farmed salmon than in chicken, beef or pork but comparable to fruit, vegetables, honey and eggs.

  • Levels of other trace elements were lower in salmon than in other foodstuffs, and average dietary intake of mercury and trace metals from salmon remains low (0.05%–32%) compared to meat, poultry, fruit, and vegetables (68%–99%).

  • Salmon also showed a moderate surplus of selenium, which is beneficial because of its ability to detoxify and counteract mercury toxicity.
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