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Can Philippines Double Shrimp Output in 5 Years?

PHILIPPINES - Agriculture officials expressed optimism that the Philippine can double its shrimp production to 100,000 metric tons in five years and regain its status as one of the worlds top exporters of this product.

Agriculture Undersecretary Jesus Emmanuel Paras said the lifting of a ban on importation of Pacific white shrimp into the Philippines could result in the speedy rebound of the shrimp industry, reports the Inquirer.

With the lifting of the ban, shrimp producers can embark on large-scale production of the Peneaus vannamei or Pacific white shrimp, Paras said.

“Because vannamei matures faster, it requires less production inputs and has strong resistance to diseases,” he told the Inquirer. “It is projected that the country will be able to achieve a shrimp production volume in excess of 100,000 metric tons in five years.”

Paras said the current production was 30,000 metric tons of white shrimps and 24,000 metric tons of prawns a year.

Shrimp producers have expressed confidence that the Philippines can soon become the No. 2 shrimp exporter in the world, after China.

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