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Breakthrough in Amoebic Gill Disease

22 February 2013, at 12:00am

AUSTRALIA - Researchers from the University of Tasmania have discovered that wild fish are resistant to Amoebic Gill Disease.

The researchers made the discovery whilst investigating disease resistance in fish.

Doctor Mark Adams from the University of Tasmania told TheFishSite that prelimenary results have shown that wild fish are resistant.

"The disease seems to be able to initiate in wild fish, but not proliferate," Dr Adams confimed.

Amoebic Gill Disease is a gill disorder affecting farmed salmon worldwide.

The disease is well known in Tasmania, Australia, where is costs the industry up to A$230M a year.

As of yet there is no cure as such for the disease, but if outbreaks are carefully managed, as the water temperature cools, the disease generally resolves.

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