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BC Salmon Stocks Threatened by Squid

CANADA - Scientists are increasingly concerned about a rampaging pack of Humboldt squid now moving through British Columbia waters.

The giant squid, called diablos rojos or red devils in Mexico, have been known to attack scuba divers, and were once a rarity in BC waters. But a changing ocean environment has brought them northward, and they may now be permanently establishing themselves off the BC coast, says the Ottowan Citizen.

Along the squid's tentacles are about 2,000 suction cups, each circled with dozens of sharp teeth, to drag food to the razor-sharp beak with which it eats.

Growing to more than two metres in length, the squid are known to eat hake and shrimp, both of which are caught commercially in BC. The squid could potentially begin feeding on young salmon, said Department of Fisheries and Oceans scientist Ken Cooke.

"I don't think they stop feeding," Mr. Cooke said. "If they are going to become more resident here, then certainly there is a potential for them to be a major impact ... a problem for any number of fish species."

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