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BASF, National Prawn Company Cooperate on Algae Technology

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SAUDI ARABIA and GERMANY - The National Prawn Company and BASF have signed an agreement on collaboration in the field of algae technology.

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The partnership has been encouraged by the long-decade experience and unique expertise of both companies.

Since the 1980s, National Prawn Company has developed knowledge and expertise in designing, building and operating a large system of man-made-lakes especially for the production of high-quality prawns for the market. Furthermore NPC is developing research programmes on new algae species and sponsorships aquaculture projects around the world.

BASF on the other hand is the global leader in technologies relevant for growing and harvesting algae in open-lake-systems and in further processing the algae biomass into products used in beverages and dietary supplements.

Another important reason for this collaboration are the climatic conditions of the Red Sea desert coast line of Western Saudi Arabia that meet the environmental needs of sea-water algae and promote the growth of these organisms.

“The signed contract is marking once more the ability of Saudi Companies to be equal partners with World Class enterprises like BASF. It also shows that we are capable of offering solutions for domestic and global needs. We are looking forward to a long cooperation with BASF, the world’s leading chemical company,” said NPC's chairman Sulaiman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi.

“With our portfolio in the market segments of food, beverages and dietary supplements we are able to meet and anticipate future needs. At the same time we are constantly trying to enhance nutrition quality and promote technological innovations,” said Michael Ceranski, Senior Vice President of BASF's Human Nutrition business unit.

“Within these ambitious goals new partnerships like the collaboration with National Prawn Company are fundamental for us: NPC gives us access to more biomass from algae and to use and leverage the all-year non-changing climate conditions in Saudi-Arabia.”

Eng. Ahmad Rasheed Al-Ballaa, Managing Director of National Prawn Company, pointed out: “We are very pleased and proud that National Prawn Company and BASF have succeeded in establishing this cooperation, bringing together the best of both companies to create a unique aquaculture project”

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