Bangladesh to use machine to detect antibiotics in frozen shrimps

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
30 April 2007, at 1:00am

BANGLADESH - The government recently started commercial operation of the much-awaited antibiotic detecting machine used in export of frozen shrimps helping the exporters comply with the directives of foreign buyers.

The machine LC-MS-MS will help detect Nitrofuran and Chloramphenicol in shrimp bodies before their export.

Bangladesh Frozen Foods Exporters Association (BFFEA) members earlier officially handed over the machine to the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock on October 22 last.

The Department of Fisheries (DoF), under the ministry, has installed the nitrofuran-detecting machine in the Fisheries Inspection and Quality Control (FIQC) lab in Dhaka.

After more than five months of handing over the machine, the DoF has started its commercial operation and has asked the shrimp processing units across the country to send samples of their shrimps to the lab before export. The acting Director General (DG) Nazrul Islam has sent letters to the shrimp processing units in Dhaka, Khulna and Chittagong in this connection as part of its Aquaculture Residue Monitoring Plan (ARMP).

The DoF has requested the processing units to send samples of shrimps to the FIQC lab in Dhaka to detect nitrofuran with the help of the installed machine, sources said.

Last year, the European Union (EU), the largest export destination of Bangladesh's frozen foods, sent back a number of consignments of the frozen foods after detection of harmful chemicals and nitrofuran.

Source: Financial Express