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Bad Site Location Cause for Mass Salmon Pull Out

CANADA - An aquaculture company is removing salmon from a controversial fish farm in the upper Bay of Fundy after encountering problems in raising the fish.

According to cbcnews, Cooke Aquaculture last year received a fish farm licence for Haley's Cove, near Chance Harbour, about 25 kilometres from Saint John, but only began farming the site this spring.

Nell Halse, the company's communications director, said the tide has proved to be too high and the current too strong at the site.

"This is not an optimum place to grow fish the way we are doing it today - and rather than risk having any problems with fish loss or mortalities, it would be better to move them for this grow-out, and rethink our plans for this site," she told cbcnews.

The news agency says that commercial fishermen and environmental groups opposed licensing Haley's Cove in the first place.

Dave Thompson of Fundy Baykeeper, an environmental group, said it was predicted the site would fail because of the high tides and strong currents.