Authorities say no sign of lethal abalone virus in Tas

AUSTRALIA - Tasmania&#39;s aquaculture industry says there is no reason to panic about the discovery of a lethal virus in Victoria&#39;s abalone stock, which causes paralysis and death.</b> <br><br> Victoria has closed four abalone farms and made off-limits a 10-kilometre stretch of coastline to divers, after the ganglioneuritis virus was found in wild and farmed stock. <br><br> Tasmanian Aquaculture Council (TAC) spokesman Colin Dyke says there is no sign of the virus in Tasmania, but the industry cannot afford to be complacent. <br><br> He says in parts of Asia the virus has been devastating. <br><br> &quot;I visited one premises in China back in the mid-90s where they were the largest producer of aquaculture abalone in China - that operation no longer exists,&quot; he said. <br><br> State Primary Industries Minister David Llewellyn says the Tasmanian Government is ready to help out if needed. <br><br> &quot;There&#39;s no reason for panic, but we we we&#39;ve got to be aware, and we&#39;ve got to be conscious of the problems,&quot; he said. <br><br> <i>Source: ABC Online </i>

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