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Australian Commodity Statistics 2009

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Australian fisheries production has been decreasing since 2004, as have exports, whilst imports have been on the increase, according to the Australian commodity statistics for 2009, published by the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics. Summarised for TheFishSite by junior editor, Charlotte Johnston.

Prawns : Production of prawns for 2008-09 remained similar to that of 2007-08 (22.4 thousand tonnes), at 22.5 thousand tonnes. Despite this the value of production shot up from $267.4 million to $278.9 million. Exports and imports fell slightly, although values increased. Japan appears to be the largest customer for Australian prawns, importing 2,032 thousand tonnes, followed by China, although exports have fallen to both countries since 2004-05. The total value of exports in 2008-09 was $82,180 thousand. The largest exporter of prawns to Australia is Thailand, from where 7644 tonnes of prawns were imported in Australia in 2008-09.

Rock Lobster: Production of rock lobster has fallen since 2003-04. Over the last year production fell 1.2 thousand tonnes to 12.6 thousand tonnes. Exports increased marginally from 9.5 to 9.6 thousand tonnes, whilst their value increased by $60.8 million. The majority of rock lobster exports go to Hong Kong and China, who imported a total of 5933 tonnes in 2008-09. The total value of Australian exports of rock lobster was $461,701,000 in 2008-09, an increase of $60,837 on the previous year.

Abalone: Although 2008-09 saw an increase in production, the period 2007-08 saw production fall slightly, meaning current levels are back at what they were prior to 07-08. The value of production fell slightly. Exports fell by 300,000 tonnes. The majority of exports are received by Hong Kong and China. The total value of abalone exports in 2008-09 was $208,185,000. The value of exports has fallen since 2004-05, however so has the quantity of exports.

Scallops: The production of scallops increased slightly as did the value of production. Total production reached 11 thousand tonnes. Exports remained the same at 1.1 thousand tonnes, however their value increased $5.5 million. Again Hong Kong and China receive the majority of exports, followed by Singapore. The total value of exports in 2008-09 was $33,254,000. Total quantity of imports fell slightly to 2,170 tonnes - the majority from Japan.

Tuna: After seeing years of growth, tuna production fell by 2.5 thousand tonnes, with a decrease of $41.8 million in the value of production. The quantity of exports fell, whilst imports remained stagnant. The value of imports increased significantly from $174.1 million to $223.3 million.

Overall production of Australian fisheries products totaled 235.7 thousand tonnes in 2007-08 and has been steadily decreasing since 2004-05, when it was 279.1 thousand tonnes.

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