Aust seafood demand expected to double

AUSTRALIA - Demand for seafood is expected to double in Australia in the next 15 years. But with depleting wild fish stocks and the local fishing industry only supplying about a third of what&#39;s on our dinner plates right now, it calls into question where this brain food is going to come from.</b> <br><br> An international conference on the aquaculture industry is being held in Adelaide to discuss just that, as Susan McDonald reports. <br><br> Today, the morning routine of the deckhands on this tuna boat starts in a similar way to most people: the newspaper, breakfast television and cups of coffee, only this all takes place six miles off Port Lincoln&#39;s coast in preparation for a tuna harvest. Well, I suppose the nature of our game is fattening up southern blue fin tuna for the export market. The job involves various tasks from catching to feeding, harvesting. <br><br> <i>Source:</i>

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