Auburn University and Ocean University of China Create Joint Center for Aquaculture

1 December 2016, at 12:00am

AUSTRALIA and CHINA - Auburn University and Ocean University of China officials have created a joint venture for aquaculture and environmental sciences.

Auburn Provost Timothy Boosinger and OUC President Zhigang Yu met with administrators from both schools to implement the agreement that promotes collaboration in aquaculture and environmental science research and education. The official agreement establishing the center was finalized earlier this year.

The joint center is the result of a decades-long relationship between the two universities and will build on the schools’ shared strengths in fisheries, aquatic and environmental sciences.

A key element of the center’s work will be the OUC–AU grants programme.

Through the programme, seed funding will be provided to Ocean University and Auburn scientists who propose cooperative research in the fields of aquaculture and environmental sciences.

"Auburn University has a long history of engagement with OUC in the areas of faculty and student exchanges and research collaborations," said Henry Fadamiro, assistant dean, Global Programmes director and Alumni Professor in Auburn’s College of Agriculture.

"We look forward to realising the research potential this latest collaboration represents."