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Asian carp threatens Great Lakes

CANADA - An Asian carp found recently in Lake Huron has again raised fears about the invasive fish decimating Great Lakes fisheries.

The term Asian carp actually refers to four different species: grass carp, bighead carp, silver carp and black carp. The fish became established in North America after escaping from aquaculture facilities.

A commercial fisherman in the south end of Lake Huron caught a grass carp late last month. The fish has been sent to the Royal Ontario Museum for positive specie identification.

Marc Gaden, communications officer with the Great Lakes Fisheries Commission, believes the grass carp caught in Lake Huron was an isolated incident. He said similar isolated incidents have occurred previously in Huron, Lake Erie and the Don River in Toronto.

Prior to a ban a couple of years ago, Asian carp were sold live for food purposes. Grass carp were also used for vegetation control in ponds. Ontario and all Great Lake states have since banned live transport of the fish. Gaden said grass carp are long lived and the fish caught in Lake Huron could have originated elsewhere, or been released prior to the ban on live fish.

Still, he said there’s reason for concern.

Source: TillsonburgNews