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Asian Aquaculture Network Exhibition 2010

GLOBAL - The Asian Aquaculture Network will host an exhibition and workshops in Vijayawada, India from 3-5 September 2010.

India plays a very critical rolse as the producer of carp, fresh water fish and shrimp. Fish products have become an important export commodity for India.

The craft, tackle and farming methods of Indian fisheries and aquaculture have improved in the past decades and the sector has been receiving more attention from central and state governments.

Nethertheless, the industry requires alternatives for better cost efficiency and competitiveness whilst tackling issues on environmental impact, food safety and sustainability.

With this in mind, Asian Aquaculture Network Exhibition and Workshops 2010 hopes to provide producers with updated information in technology and innovation.

Workshop topics include health and disease management, nutrition and feed technology, culture systems and new species with emphasis on recirculation aquaculture system (RAS) and cage farming, hatchery and live feed and marketing and processing technology.

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