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Aquatic Animal Health Workshop Announced

EGYPT - The Egyptian Society of Environment and Aquatic Animal Health (ESEAAH) will be holding an annual workshop which aims to cover many areas around fish diseases and aquatic animal health.

In collaboration with the Department of Fish Diseases and Management, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Cairo University ESEAAH will be holding its first annual workshop under the following theme: "Impact of aquatic animal diseases on the aquatic environment: Health, Ecological and Epidemiological Perspectives". The workshop will start on 10 September and end by 15 September 2011.

The following issues will be covered throughout the workshop:

  1. Epidemiology and diagnosis of infectious diseases of temperate and tropical Fin-fishes.
  2. Emerging and Re-surging infectious aquatic animal diseases: Global and Egyptian Perspectives.
  3. Aquatic Environmental Toxicities: types, magnitudes, models and proposed control regimes.
  4. Natural and induced control for toxic and infectious agents in aquaculture.
  5. Proposed biosecurity strategies for Egyptian Aquaculture.
  6. The use of molecular tools in diagnosis of aquatic animal diseases.
  7. Dynamics of aquatic environment and possible spread of epidemics and pandemics.
  8. Evolution of the immune response in aquatic animals
  9. Major Shellfish Diseases: Epidemiology and Diagnosis.
  10. Impact of climatic changes on aquatic animal environment: global, regional and local perspectives.

The workshop will be lead and instructed by renowned experts in the field of fish diseases, aquatic animal health, aquatic animal epidemiology and environmental protection from Egyptian institutes and universities.


  • 450 EGP for Egyptian Colleagues
  • $400 for Non Egyptians Colleagues
  • $300 for Arabs and African Colleagues
  • 300 EGP for ESEAAH members
  • 200 EGP for Egyptian undergraduate students

Venue location, accommodation:

Location of the workshop will be Fish Diseases Department auditoriums and College Conference Centre.

Accommodation can be arranged upon request and on the expenses of the interested attendant. Light breakfast snacks and light lunch box will be offered throughout the workshop days.


For attendance please contact Dr Alaa Eldin Eissa either by email at, or phone at 0111185035.

Deadline for registration will be the first of August, 2011.