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Aquaponics Workshop hailed a success

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UK - An Aquaponics Design Workshop run by Aquaponic Solutions and MacAlister Elliott & Partners Ltd in conjunction with the British Aquaponics Association has been hailed a success by participants.

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The workshop, presented at Bicton EaRTH in Devon, was attended by 12 participants who received advanced training into the engineering of a commercial aquaponics system, along with aquaponics business training and product marketing.

Dr Wilson Lennard, a recognised global expert in commercial aquaponics technology and business development, presented the 16 hour, two-day workshop. The course was designed to provide the participants with all the hydraulic engineering, component choice and design tools to enable them to design and construct their own commercial aquaponic systems.

“The course was designed to provide the most up to date aquaponic engineering and design knowledge for commercial aquaponic systems using the latest recirculating aquaculture and hydroponic plant production principles,” said Dr Lennard.

“This is about using the best knowledge available to successfully keep fish and plants in optimised growing conditions.”

He added: “The course also provided directed business information that could be applied to real world commercial aquaponic production in a small, retail pricing structure, niche market context.”

All participants agreed that the level of knowledge imparted was well above expectations and several commented that it was more advanced than any other aquaponics course they had attended in Europe.

Dr Lennard hopes that commercial aquaponics will continue to be adopted in Europe and that he can return regularly in the future from his base in Australia to teach more burgeoning potential aquaponic farmers how to adopt the latest design and management principles.