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Aquaculture NZ Supports Coastal Principles

NEW ZEALAND - Aquaculture New Zealand supports coastal principles for all, not restrictions for most.

In making its submission to the Coastal Policy Strategy in Nelson today, Aquaculture New Zealand reaffirmed its support of the principles of the current environmental legislation governing the use of coastal resources.

Mike Burrell, Aquaculture New Zealand CEO

Aquaculture New Zealand believes in the need for sustainable management of New Zealand’s prized coastal resources, however, the level of prescription within the proposed policy being consulted on now will create a greater level of compliance management beyond the ideals espoused in the principles of the policy, CEO Mike Burrell said.

“Aquaculture, as an industry, relies on the sustainable management of the coastline and is a supporter of any policy that promotes the maintenance of a clean green resource that is accessible by a greater number of users now and in the future. The industry itself funds and manages a number of programmes regarding water quality that have higher thresholds than are currently accepted by local authorities.

“Any use must be managed in a manner that does not inhibit the access or responsible development of a coastal resource to the benefit of national, regional or local interests. The aquaculture industry, as one such user, has a proven ability to provide economic benefits in areas unattractive to other industries and is driven and supported by sustainable management practices,” Mr Burrell said.

“The proposed policy focuses on restoring the natural character of the coastline. This does not take into account the significant areas that have been modified and the fact that many of those modifications have become part of the accepted ‘natural’ character valued by users. The industry supports the need for all coastal areas to be managed sustainably for the long term benefit of all users. However, the management should be guided by a practical vehicle, such as a principle driven policy statement, to achieve this goal.

“The Coastal Policy Statement is an important tool in the ongoing development of what is perhaps New Zealand’s greatest resource ensuring the maintenance of the opportunities available for the greatest number of users and as such it is important that the national perspective is embedded with recognition of local needs, geography and aspirations.”