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Aquaculture New Zealand welcomes 'food and drink' Investment

NEW ZEALAND - A $19 million Government investment in 'high-end' food and beverage exports should boost opportunities for NZ's aquaculture sector.

Mike Burrell, CEO Aquaculture New Zealand, the recetnly formed Government agency dedicated to the fish farming industry, said it was very exciting news. The investment should attract a raft of new ideas,networks and business links and help achieve the economic transformation that is necessary for the industry to reach its $1billion target.

"We are an export industry which has already embraced innovation at the production end and we're excited that we'll be able to take our culture of innovation and future-focused development into the export and marketing of our products," he said

Mr Burrell said that market development will form the backbone of the overall sector strategy. It's key aims are to improve industry economics through sustainable growth with the focus on producing premium and innovative products.

NZ government is very committed to the aquaculture sector. The formation of Aquaculture New Zealand, which works closely with industry stakeholders, has adopted a strategic framework to identify priority areas of market research and market development. The aims is to transform the sector into an sustainable, primary food producer.